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Air Canada: Reservations, Official Site, Flights, Tickets

Air Canada Official Website –

Air Canada hardly needs any introduction, as it is the largest Canadian airline. Regarded as the flagship carrier of the country, the airline has changed the way people fly since its launch in the late 1930s. Its current flying approach is based on the best blend of user-friendliness, comfort, and sophistication.

Thus, you can expect the best flying experience from this airline, which can be matchless, provided you choose the best class during your Air Canada Airlines booking. With world-class amenities, it is capable of fulfilling the traveling requirements of both corporate and leisure passengers.

Apparently, it seems that you should try this airline. However, you should explore it inside out to avoid any disappointment later. So, let’s explore more persuading reasons for choosing this airline for your next trip.

Friendly Air Canada Reservations

You can make quick Air Canada reservations with this airline on its official site without any hassle. If there are any questions or doubts before, during, or after booking tickets, you can easily contact one of its helpdesk representatives by calling on a toll-free number. They are available 24/7 and are quite supportive. They tend to answer politely, promptly, and comprehensively so that you feel satisfied.

Far-Reaching Network

Air Canada is tagged as the fourth largest airline in the United States with flawless flights across six continents. It is also the tenth largest carrier in terms of the fleet as well as size. It is connected with 11 other global recognized carriers.

The airline along with its subsidiaries schedule flights to around 180 domestic as well as international destinations, ranging right from Abbotsford to Beijing. Seamless connectivity to almost 207 cities and 600 flights daily to over 65 North American destinations across the globe reflect the airline’s wide flying approach. Thus, the airline ranks first in terms of maximum daily passengers and fleets.

There are around 415 airplanes in its fleet, which take millions of passengers to different destinations. The fleet consists of aircrafts of Boeing 77W, Boeing 77L, Boeing 737, Boeing 763, Boeing 788, Boeing 789, Boeing 7M8, Airbus A333-300, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A319-100, Embraer E75, Embraer E90, Bombardier DH4, Bombardier CR9, and so on.

According to the Air Canada Airlines official website, the airline is associated with other airlines through codeshare agreements. These airlines include Air China, Aegean Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Air India, Aer Lingus, Avianca, LOT Polish Airlines, and Air New Zealand.

Air Canada is also one of the creating carriers of Sky Alliance, the largest global alliance on the plant at present. This alliance provides Gold and Silver tiers in their reward programs to enjoy upgrades and priority boarding.

In-flight Amenities

Entertainment is a remarkably rewarding part of Air Canada Airlines flights. You stay entertained until you step down at your destined place. The credit goes to the upgraded entertainment system including an iPad-on-board. With it, you enjoy TV shows, videos, and movies incessantly. Everything inside the airplane is set to ensure you over 1,000 hours of ceaseless entertainment.

A visually-appealing map on the entertainment system shows you the exact current location. This is admirable, as it keeps you informed of how far you have reached.

Another commendable facility is Wi-Fi through which you can remain connected to your dear ones despite being amidst the clouds. However, this service is available only on a few flights scheduled for some Caribbean, North American, and other international regions.

Well, Wi-Fi is not free. You need to buy its plan at a reduced price online or at an hourly rate onboard. You can even buy duty-free products onboard. These items include fragrances, jewelry, and travel essentials. This is something that hardly any other airline provides onboard.

Talking about meal options, you are free to eat whatever you like. You can choose one of the special meals such as express light, Kosher, baby, diabetic, fruit plate, low fat, low lactose, low salt, vegan, jain, and gluten intolerant.

Passengers of all Caribbean and North America business class, international economy class, and premium economy class on international and some routes of North America get a free hot meal with dessert and salad. Those in premium economy and on shorter routes get breakfast or light snacks. Bistro meals are available for the passengers of Rouge class.

Although the passengers of economy and rouge class need to buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it is complimentary for the rest.

Comfortable Seats

All Air Canada Airlines flights ensure optimum comfort by redefining luxury in the form of cozy seats with extra legroom regardless of any class. There are three classes namely, signature, premium economy, and economy.

The signature class reflects upscale luxury and exceptional comfort. You get priority check-in and boarding, lie-flat seats with duvets and pads, free amenity kit consisting of cosmetics and toiletries, and freedom to select wine and meals.

The premium economy class is spacious and is equipped with modern facilities. You get a spacious recliner seat, flexible headrest, priority check-in, baggage handling, free amenity kit, complimentary snack, wide range of wine and cuisine options, and hot towel after each meal.

The economy class is also not void of comfort and luxury. Aimed for budget travelers, this class offers an adjustable cushioned seat, soothing light, foldable headrest, and complimentary meal and wine whenever applicable.

Air Canada Flights Benefits

Buying Air Canada Airlines tickets means earning more discounts for the next tickets. Just like other airlines, this airline has the Aero Plane program whose membership gives you flying benefits. If you choose to become a member, you earn points by traveling on an Air Canada flights or any Star Alliance flight. Redeeming these points makes the next flight more affordable.


Currently, Air Canada is among the world’s most prominent airlines. Due to the best mix of fares and facilities, several people from across the globe prefer to make Air Canada Airlines reservations. The service is top-notch; some features are so unique that they are not available in the planes of any other airlines in the world. So, why not experience them on your next journey?

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Disclaimer : are solely act as an agent, we create a connection between travelers and suppliers of travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. We don’t declare that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines. Entire branding is authentic for expressive purposes only and does not denote any involvement with any airlines or organization.